Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I have seen this trend on a few websites the past few weeks, where you apply a foil looking shimmery nailpolish to the nail and apply a strip of nail foil to the middle of the nails. It looks so cool and kinda messy in a way, since the foil isn't covering the whole nail, so i wanted to recreate the look.

Cool, right!? If you want to know how I recreated this look, then keep on reading!

Step 1: Grab your nail foil and take the foil out of the plastic holder and cut some pieces off so you have enough for the middle of 10 nails. You really don't need a lot, but you want to make sure to do this before painting your nails.

On the picture below, you see a roll of nail foil. I bought mine on Ebay - here is the link to where i got mine, it's super inexpensive:

Just to explain to any of you that might not know exactly how nail foil works. Nail foil is a thin piece of plastic, on one side it's colored (like you can see on the picture above) that's the plastic part. The other side is silver, that where the foil is. When you apply it to the nail, it's the silver part that has to touch the nail. Nail foil will release from the plastic when touching something sticky and applying pressure, like placing the foil on top of a sticky nailpolish and pressing it down with your finger. I know this might sounds very confusing, but I will try to explain it as good as I can, through the next few steps.

Step 2: Apply one coat of your choice of shimmery nailpolish. I used Essie Nailpolish "Sparkle On Top"

Step 3: Let it dry slightly and apply a second coat of the same polish. If the shimmery nailpolish you use, is very shimmery, you might not even have to apply a second coat.

Step 4: Grab a clear top coat. Paint a thin layer of the clear polish to the middle of your nail, where you want the foil to stick to. Now it get's a little tricky, because you don't want the nailpolish to be completely wet nor completely dry, so what i did was paint my thumb, pointer finger and middle finger. Then grab one of the foil pieces you cut earlier and just lay it over the nail, since the nailpolish is sticky the foil will stick to the area where the clear polish is. Then press the foil down for 3 seconds and then remove the plastic part that's left. Then do the same on your ring finger and little finger.

Step 5: Add a layer of clear top coat over all of your nails and your DONE! I used Rimmel 60 Second Top Coat in 740 Clear.

Your nails should now look like this! 

If you recreate this look, please send me your pictures on twitter at @camillarumpe

Hope you enjoyed it!